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Know Me


Grew up in Caledonia Michigan on Green Lake. I’m a life long Grand Rapidian.

Married my best friend in 1995.

I have 2 girls and 1 son, Gresham Olson, who is an amazing asset as a Buyer’s Agent.

I graduated from Cornerstone University and have done several years of Masters level work at a Seminary.

I love to meet interesting people and ask them a million questions. I’m a reader, writer, avid movie goer.

If we shared a cup of coffee you would learn:
I’m calm and easy to talk with, which has been by biggest asset in real estate sales. I am a clear thinker, low pressure, and know my stuff. But by the 2nd cup of coffee you might learn parts of my life resemble a Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.


Like Me

Married with three children

Coffee, tea and scotch

Movies, books, and Napster

Social Media

Food: Gluten Free, meats & cheeses, chili, omelettes, nuts

Degree in World Religions

Sting, Marley, U2

Seinfeld, Gaffigan, Gervais

Mid-century modern everything

Estate sales

Forced to have a family pet

Beer, schnapps and Energy Drinks

TV, itunes and Blue Ray

Pop Up Ads

Food: Fast Food, Broccoli, those tiny corn cobbs & water chestnuts

Dogma Without Love

Rap, New country, Spa Music

Slapstick, Angry Stand-Up, SNL

1980’s Decorating

Garage Sales

Trust Me


I’ve been licensed since 1999 averaging about 2-4 closings every month from my very first year. This is over 3 times the national average.

My son, Gresham Olson is a high energy, super nice, quick responding buyer’s agent. Fastest & most tech skilled Realtors win for their clients in this culture. Two Realtors for the price of one!

I’ve helped 100’s of people buy or sell a home. From a first home, lakefront, condos, luxury estates. I’m a managing Associate Broker at Five Star Real Estate, educating nearly 400 agents in industry Best Practices.

I listen to you. I game plan with you. I promise I will guide you through the whole process so you know exactly what’s going on: Gresham & I can facilitate Quick showings. We utilize top notch professional marketing mediums. Getting the best price, negotiating, inspections, title work, appraisals, the whole thing. We’ll do it together and we’ll have fun.

I’ve had a very exciting career with a wide range of hilarious experiences. I’ll tell ya about some of them…

Never hurts to find out for yourself. Let’s meet, let’s talk. Never any pressure, so let’s find out if we are a good fit…

See my latest (real) reviews on Zillow that I’ve earned.

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